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An invitation from the sponsor of our website
To: Members
Received: 21:50, 21st Jan 2018

A meeting is arranged for the members of the Quainton Railway Society Limited at the

Thame Town Hall
1st floor room
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on
Saturday 27th of January 2018
Doors open at 1:30 pm
Further information at

This is an Invitation to Members of the Quainton Railway Society to a meeting being held at the Thame Town Hall 1st Floor meeting room at 2:00pm to 4:00pm on Saturday 27th of January 2018. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the conduct of the forthcoming 2018 Annual General Meeting and the associated candidate nomination procedure to be adopted both in relationship to the Rules of the Society.

Many members are quite satisfied with the current state of affairs and mostly want to attend the Centre to participate with projects, help on public open days or pursue their own interests away from home. This is fine if members do not wish to get involved with the politics of managing the Society and are comfortable with what they do.

The problem is that the Society belongs to the members in particular the shareholder members and this does carry some responsibilities. If our Society were a private organisation it would not matter much but it is not. It is a registered Charity and as such has received public funds to further the cause of the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and it has long been the wish to apply for even greater funding from the same source.

There is no reason for the Society to be denied further grants to improve the buildings and expand the Centre activities except that the Charity Commission and Financial Conducts Authority expect the Society to conform with their Rules otherwise support may cease.

Regrettably, our Society has been consistently failing to conform to its published rules for quite a number of years especially in respect of the conduct of the Annual General Meetings. This subject was comprehensively reviewed in the editorial pages of the Quainton View website early last year.

To review this page click on the following link: Welcome Page 05/01/17.

You may also wish to read the follow up editorial after the Chairman announced none compliance for the 2017 AGM: Welcome Page 25/02/17

Please note the excerpts taken from the Charity Commission Guidance web page. I apologise for the slightly heavy going in these matters but the guidance does confirm a possible outcome from none compliance which would not be to the Society's benefit or that of the members.

This is why I have made available a venue for members to meet and consider the position regarding the conduct of the next Annual General Meeting and the preceding management of member nominations to the Executive Committee. The deadline is 31st January except for nominations to be re-elected from the existing Executive. The Executive is currently two members short and for the period prior to Mr Aplin's recent resignation had been missing one member. So, it is becoming important to attract suitable candidates for these positions.

You will not know that last year my nomination was refused on the grounds of not using the "Official" nomination form and this resulted in another candidate withdrawing because of the Executive’s attitude.

As it happens the Rules of the Society do not call for the use of an "official" form and the one in use may be considered unfit for purpose as it does not provide for nominations to the officer positions of the Executive. Indeed, under the Rules it should be perfectly acceptable for a nomination to be submitted by a simple letter signed by the nominee and proposer. In effect the Executive broke the rules of the Society over this matter. These rules are fully documented on this web page: Election Of Executive Committee.

Finally, I recognise some recipients of this email will be sorely tempted to reach for their keyboards and return uncomplimentary replies to this correspondence. I do understand what I have written is not comfortable reading.

I want you to understand this is not a personal vendetta against the Executive as I recognise the difficulties they face in pulling together the strands of management required to run both the Museum Centre and the Society. I do think they need some help in avoiding some of the misjudgements they are perpetrating in respect of the Rules of the Society which does not help the progress of the enterprise.

This is why I have funded the hire of a suitable venue for you to attend with other members to make rational consideration of how you want your Society to progress starting with the conduct of the next AGM. Other matters can wait awhile but the key to breaking the continued spiral of adversity lays with membership participation and especially from the shareholders.

My family and friends all advise me I am wasting my time with the Quainton Railway Society and urge me to walk away and cease supporting the Society. I disagree. I think the enterprise based on the Forward Plan is a worthwhile campaign providing we can get some common cause and direction. The continued success of the venture is largely up to the membership taking into consideration the details written above and on the Quainton View Website.

I hope you will feel able to attend and make a positive contribution to the Thame Town Hall meeting.

More details appear on the Quainton View website,, including details of the Thame meeting venue, car parking and public transport. Also included is an "Case Study" summary report.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond W L Powell
(Former Trustee and Commercial Roster Clerk)

BCC copies distributed to all known members