The registered office of the Society is at the Railway Station, Quainton Road, Quainton, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 4BY.

Date of this version approved: 31st December 2015




The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in March or April of each year to transact the following business:-


To receive and if approved to adopt the annual report of the Executive Committee and the audited statement of the accounts to the end of the last preceding financial year.


To elect the officers and other members of the Executive Committee all of whom must be members aged not less than 18 years as at the date on which the meeting is held.


To appoint an Auditor in accordance with Rules 52 and 53.


To deal with any other matters which the Executive Committee desires to bring before the members and to receive and consider suggestions from mem­bers for consideration by the Executive Committee.


To ratify the Executive Committee's decision on the annual subscrip­tions payable on all first annual subscriptions after the date of the meeting and all second and subsequent annual subscriptions falling due after the date of the meeting.


To elect, if so decided, persons to the position of President and Vice President.


An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called by the Executive Committee at any time.


Upon receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition in writing, suppor­ted by not less than thirty per cent of the members, calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be called to discuss a specific matter then the Executive Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting within not more than 42 days nor less than 28 days after the requisition has been received. No business shall be transacted at such a meeting other than that specified in the notice calling the meeting and no amendment to any resolution proposed for the meeting shall be allowed.


A notice convening any General Meeting shall together with the annual report of the Executive Committee, the statement of accounts and the annual subscription rates decided by the Executive (in the case of the Annual General meeting) be sent to all members and associates not more than twenty-eight and less than fourteen days before the meeting and shall specify the business of the meeting. Only share-holding members may vote on any matter. Associates may attend and have the right to speak, but shall not have the right to vote on any matter.