The registered office of the Society is at the Railway Station, Quainton Road, Quainton, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 4BY.

Date of this version approved: 31st December 2015




The first annual subscription of an associate or a member as specified in Rule 5(b), 5(d) and 10 shall become payable on joining the Society. The second subsequent annual subscription shall become due on the anniversary of the payment of the first annual subscription save that family associate subscriptions shall become due on the same date as the nominating member or associate, and save that existing members and associates on 19th April 1980 shall be deemed to have joined on lst July 1979.

Any member or associate whose subscription is in arrears three months-after the due date shall cease to be entitled to any of the privileges and facilities de­riving there-from. An associate whose subscription is thus in arrears shall cease to be an associate of the Society providing that notice of such cessation has been sent to him by registered post to his last known address."

An unpaid annual subscription due from a member shall be a debt due to the Society from the member and may be set against the amount paid by him for any share or shares in the Society. If at any time the amount thus due from any member equals or exceeds the amount paid by him for his share or shares in the Society, then he shall cease to be a member and his share or shares shall be cancelled.


No member or associate shall take any public action or make any public statement in the name of the Society, or otherwise do anything directly or in­directly to represent that any proposal, action, or statement of facts or opinion has the approval of the Society. The Executive Committee alone (or any person authorised by it) may make announcements and publications in the name of the Society


A member or associate may be expelled for conduct detrimental to the Society by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting of the Society, such vote being taken by secret ballot, provided that notice in writing of the conduct alleged against the member or associate is given to him at least 28 days before the aforesaid meeting, and he is given an opportunity thereat to answer the allegations made against him.

A member so expelled shall be paid the full sum paid or credited on any shares in the Society held by him at the date of expulsion less any amount then due from the member to the Society and his shares shall be cancelled. An associate so expelled shall be repaid any portion of any subscription paid by him that is unexpired as at the date of expulsion.

No expelled member or associate shall be re-admitted except by a resolution passed at a General Meeting of the Society by a two-thirds majority of the mem­bers present and voting.


The Executive may at any time without stating any reason refuse to accept a renewal of any subscription specified in Rule 5(b), 5(d) and 10 or refuse to issue shares to any person (whether such person is a member or not) or refuse to accept an application for Associate or Family Associate membership.


Upon a claim being made by the personal representative of a deceased member or of the trustees in bankruptcy of a bankrupt member to any property in the Society belonging to the deceased or bankrupt member the Executive Committee shall transfer or pay such property to which the personal representa­tive or trustee in bankruptcy has become entitled as the personal representative or trustee in bankruptcy may direct them.

A member may in accordance with the Industrial and Provident Societies Act nominate any person or persons to whom (subject to the provisions of the Act as to amount and the persons to whom a valid nomination may be made) any of his property in the Society at the time of his death shall be transferred. On receiving satisfactory proof of the death of a member who has made a nomination the Executive Committee shall if and to the extent that the nomination is valid under the said Act either pay or transfer in accordance with the Act the full value of the property comprised in the nomination to the person entitled thereunder.