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A LETTER FROM HS2 (or maybe East West Rail Consortium)

Our member, Mike Bannister (aka Capt. Mainwaring..), wrote to the HS2 people and got the following reply. Mike has suggested that I share it with you all. The key part from Quainton's viewpoint is the large paragraph in the lower half.

"Dear Mr Bannister,

Thank you for your comments on the Round Two Consultation regarding the East West Rail Western Section Phase 2 (EWR2) project for which I acknowledge receipt. I apologise for the delay in responding.

We appreciate your support for the scheme. We’re excited to deliver this project which will reinstate and upgrade the railway to provide better cross country journeys between Oxford, Bicester, Bedford and ultimately Ipswich.

This is also part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan which makes up two-thirds of Network Rail's £40bn spending priorities for the five years to 2019 and represents the biggest sustained programme of rail modernisation since the Victoria era. It is designed to provide more capacity, relieve crowding and respond to the tremendous growth Britain's railways continue to experience; passenger numbers have doubled in the past 20 years and are set to double again over the next 25 years - so we need to continue to invest in building a bigger, better railway.

We are working hard to accelerate the programme but have to follow due process for the consenting and the planning regimes to gain approval for the Transport and Works Act Order. Our aim is to deliver Phase 2 of the Western Section to enable east-west trains to commence service as soon as possible, meaning that benefits could start to be realised and this vital gap in the railway network bridged.

You mentioned in your response ‘The possibility of trains occasionally stopping at Quainton Road Station for special events. Is there a need for 2 - 4 trains an hour traveling to and from Aylesbury?’

Due to the increased linespeed and train frequency and the fact that the EWR2 project and timetable does not currently include any plans to stop regular train services at the existing Quainton Road station, there will be no general public access onto the platforms at the Bucks Railway Centre for safety reasons. However, the facility to stop the occasional weekend or “special” train service at the existing station on the East platform will be maintained, subject to available train paths, once works are complete. It should be noted that any such access would be subject to agreement with the train operator and Network Rail, as is currently the case. Regular dialogue has been held with the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre over the last 18 months, including a number of site meetings, where the EWR proposals have been presented discussed and agreed to ensure that the railway centre requirements and the heritage nature of the existing station buildings are fully understood and are taken in to account as part of the design development.
As part of the EWR2 project there will be one Aylesbury to Milton Keynes Central passenger service per hour in each direction (from 2024). The frequency of trains from Aylesbury towards London Marylebone is defined by the Department of Transport.

I hope that you will continue to support the project. You can be kept informed about updates to the project and progress of the route itself by registering your email address at http://www.eastwestrail.org.uk/subscribe/.


Sophie Moeng

Consultation Manager"



Earlier this year, as in previous years, we were all issued with some books of Raffle Tickets. The draw has to be held on Sunday 29th October and we are still waiting for several ticket stubs, with the cash, to be returned. Now I know that some of you disagree with this sort of thing and you shouldn't have received any books so bear with me, please, and skip to the next item.

The promoter shown on the ticket is the now late E.W.J.Miller. I gather than our Vice Chairman, Peter Lovegrove, is now covering this role so the draw will go ahead but we need you to sell those tickets, please - you could in £400! Peter is very keen that the draw is a success as Eric (Dusty, if you prefer) was so very keen on it.

Completed stubs and money to be sent to the Admin Office at Bucks Rail Centre, HP22 4BY


We have received this request and hope that someone can help. If you can help please let our Office know as well as Rita.

Thank you.

"Hi Sarah

It was lovely chatting to you. Please can you put out a request for a guest speaker to join us for our Mens' Luncheon 28th November 2017., at 11.30 for 12.00.

Many thanks

Kindest regards

Rita Sileno

Lifestyle & Activities Facilitator

Ryeview Manor
ryeview activities <ryeviewactivities@bmcare.co.uk>

Compiled by Tony Lyster