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Subject: Will the train be running if its windy or wet...?

Thomas Event roster

There are, I hear, a few gaps still on the roster for this weekend.

We still need a driver and guard for Percy (Millom) in the Down Yard on Good Friday and Car Parkers are needed on all days.

With our Membership Secretary, Bev Potter, currently in hospital recovering from a bout of cellulitis we wont have her, or her husband,

Dave's help in the Office and checking pre-bookings on the gate. Even if Bev is home by the weekend she wont be up to coming to Quainton - I speak as one who has had this infection. Is there anyone who could cover her role of answering the telephone - on Friday in particular? Mornings are more important than afternoons. Its really easy and usually the questions are "Are you open?" "Will the train be running as its raining / windy?" (yes, I have had both those ones myself), "How much is it?" and "I cant find you". A list of the prices and a road map will be provided for you along with our postcode for the Satnavs - and you will be next to a kettle..!

ANY offers of help should be phoned through to the Admin Office, please, so that they know by Thursday where the outstanding gaps are. Please phone them on 01296 655 720

The strange affair of a number of locomotive lamps

It is fairly well known at Quainton that I am one of those who attends railwayana auctions from time to time and I was asked a few years ago if I could procure, at a reasonable price, 3 locomotive headlamps as the stock we were using had strangely reduced to just one. I found 3 - 2 southern and a GWR if I recall (I may be wrong here). They were a bit grubby and tatty so I stripped them at home and repainted them.

Today I was told by those that know these things that two of these lamps have been "mislaid" (a stronger word was used). As we cannot find the missing lamps dark assumptions are being drawn. If you should know of their whereabouts could you either encourage their return or let Adrian (01296 655 720) know? Its possible, I suppose, that someone has put them somewhere "safe" for the winter. Incidentally, before painting them I did add our postcode to each of them using steel stamps.

Compiled by
Tony Lyster