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MET 1 will be on hire to Epping & Ongar for around 24 steamings 15th October to 2nd January.

MILLOM. The boiler for our Hudswell Clarke 'Millom' successfully passed its out of frames steam test in front of the boiler inspector this week so its reassembly time now!

CULVERTS. Our Hon Secretary, Bill Simpson, has asked me to let you know that contractors will be working on behalf of Network Rail on the culvert at the far end of our Centre. This is part of a nationwide effort, I gather, doubtless to ensure they are clear of debris before the winter storms hit. Please afford them what help they need.


Long Crendon Film Club have announced that they have a speaker to introduce "Britain on Film - Railways". This screening is scheduled for 8pm Friday 18th November. The speaker is Steven Foxon Curator of Moving Image at the British Film Institute National Archive. He specialises in transport films and the restoration of archive film most notably the Post Office film Night Mail.

It should make for a interesting evening. Peter Wolfes said:

"We are a members film club but we can waive membership for a one-off screening at out guest price of £7 per ticket. We operate a bar from 7.30pm. If the film is of interest it might be best to co-ordinate ticket purchase through your office in conjunction with me rather than going online to our website.

Peter Wolfes"


Anyone interested should contact Sarah on 01296 655 720 in the first instance.


Member Bob Randall is trying to find contact with an artist who showed a group of volunteers a painting he had done.

"He came to our downyard changing room about 4pm on an afternoon about mid 2015 and showed us this marvellous watercolour depicting the interior of the Ivatt shed. The view is looking towards Rewley Road, from a viewpoint to right side, halfway down the shed. Richard Cumming's woodworking benches are detailed, and loco 7715 is shown at the left side. Sunshine is streaming through the small doorway, so the whole scene is illuminated in diffuse light. Two figures are shown at the work benches. The artist had visited to try and find who the likely lads were in his picture and I believe Richard, who was there in the changing room, and I were those two figures.

I told the artist that I was most interested in the picture, and would like to buy a copy. I told him who I was and that I could be found at Quainton. He told us his name was Andrew and that he was entering the picture into a summer open exhibition - unfortunately, I did not write down any more of his details.

This year I visited the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours at their Mall Galleries, explaining my search and that I was hoping to contact one of their members named Andrew. They looked in their members listings, but could not find any Andrew, or even Mr Andrew, however, they recommended that I visit their "sister" academy, The Royal Watercolour Society, at Bankside Gallery. Again, a search through their members listings and yes, they had a member, Andrew Lansley. I left my contact details and when we spoke it was soon apparent that he had not painted the scene I described. He is an "impressionist" painter and also landscapes, but never a detailed interior scene which is disappointing.

So now my appeal. Can any member remember that day when the artist brought that picture to show us? He must have introduced himself at Rewley Road office and shown the picture there. Somebody must have accompanied him over to the downyard messroom. So how can I find him?

If you can help please email me, Bob Randall, on <therandall5@yahoo.com> or speak to me at Quainton.

Thank you.

Bob Randall."

Compiled by Tony Lyster.


Editor's note: Still searching for you Bob but we found this: -

Engine Sheds Quainton Road Buckinghamshire Railway is a photograph by Chris Thaxter
which was uploaded on October 22nd, 2010.