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Funeral of the late Fred Ellis

The late Fred Ellis' funeral will be held on Friday 26th August at 11.00 at Holy Cross Church, Slapton, Beds, LU7 9BX. Fred, who died some weeks ago, had had a career as a British Aerospace Engineer. His interest in church bellringing had taken him all over the UK, Europe and to America and, in more recent times, he joined Quainton and met Peter Bush and the other lads working on Castle class Defiant on display in Rewley Road. Peter tells an interesting tale of how he and Fred built the firebars in Defiant out of old pallets!

A Memorial party for the late John Mortham

Laura Beech, our Catering Supremo, is organising a gathering for those unable to attend John Mortham's funeral. It will be on Saturday September the 10th at 12 noon. A buffet lunch will be provided and we hope that lots of people can attend.

Members Social on 17th September - a correction

You will have read on page one of the recent edition (July 2016, No. 49) that there is to be a members Social on 17th September. This is incorrect and the Chairman has admitted that he made a mistake. The event was held on Saturday July 18th and was very successful. Do NOT come to a social on 17th September!!

From the Executive Committee

I have been asked by Bill Simpson, our Hon Secretary to issue the following statement:

"The Executive Committee have received a complaint concerning Peter Mitchell on a serious matter and had no option but to suspend his attendance from the Centre and its workings. It is of course regrettable that as a Society that depends on mutual goodwill it should resort to such action but the Executive needed to resolve that matter, it could not be ignored. It follows therefore that in the event of Peter Mitchell approaching the site, that no member must be in a position of confrontation. The matter concerns only the Executive Committee, the complainant and Peter Mitchell. All matters concerning it must be referred to the Executive."

HELP! - It wouldn't be a QEL without a plea for help! This comes from Bev, in the Office:

"You have all done so much to help this year it has made my life so much better. Could I please ask for another push after 'Thomas' we are looking for Entrance Staff, Car Park and Platform staff. If you can help please give us a Call in the Office on 01296 655 720

Many thanks

Love Bev

Other News:

We are looking for people to train as Stationmasters and Guards if you would like to have a go please ring on 01296 655720.

Beattie will be leaving the site on Thursday 1 September to go to Bodmin.

We have a Steam Punk Festival coming up on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th September which sounds great. The event is people dressed in Victorian Costume with a Punk take on it.

Compiled by Tony Lyster