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We have been excommunicated!

Richard is unwell and
Work Week notes

A Thank You from the Acting Chair plus "Rubbish"

Railway Fun Day - thank you!

Railway Fun Day Briefing for 28 December

A cry for help at OUR Railway Centre

Museum Accreditation Achieved

New Arrivals including
"T" Stock & Addendum

Another Christmas Party

Christmas Dinner &
Members Survey review

Publicity for our
GCR coach

Organising Christmas

Resignation of Chairman

We have won an award!
Future Development of Quainton

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Nearly QEL Again!


Editor's Note

QEL Is reproduced here courtesy of one of our readers. We have been promises to be reinstated so watch this space...


From our Hon Chairman, Ben Jackson.

"Firstly an apology from the Chair for the failure to use the blind copy in sending out the appeal for help on Saturday and thus, unintentionally, sharing everyone's e-mails. I am most sorry and will make every effort to avoid a similar error in the future.

Secondly, a BIG thank you to all Volunteers and Staff who have put in huge amounts of energy, good will and enthusiasm over the last two days to produce some amazing results. The figures have been checked and I am very pleased to tell you that the 2 day weekend grossed 5203 visitors with 2737 on the Sunday alone. To put this into context our previous best event was the 4 day Thomas at Easter 2014 (4760 visitors) with the Easters in the next 2 years following behind. It looks as if this last Sunday was our busiest single day in the last 10 years and, quite possibly, EVER...!

Whilst undertaking various roles during the day I overheard and received many compliments about the professionalism and courteous nature of those who were assisting the visitors and want to share this and applaud everyone involved for their efforts over the weekend. There are learnings to take forward for the next Thomas event in September and a few adjustments to make.

Although tiring work I find it great to come home having a sense of accomplishment and more importantly a real sense of pride in the Centre and all those who were present on each day to help. For those who were unable to attend you missed a really great two days and hopefully such numbers will encourage more members to volunteer for future dates - you are highly unlikely to ever be bored!"

Best Wishes

Ben Jackson (Hon. Chairman)



Dear All,

Members' Day - Saturday 16th July 2pm-8pm

The Members' Day is our chance to say thank you to all our members and volunteers - especially after the weekend we have just had! What would we do without you all?!

So this is a last call for anyone else who would like to come along to the railway for our Members' Day, spend some time socialising with your fellow members and the Executive Committee (the "Trustees"), enjoy some food and refreshments, and give us the chance to say Thank you!

Email Louisa in the office on: marketing@bucksrailcentre.org or call her or Bev on 01296 655720, by the end of Wednesday 6th July.

Thank you!


QEL Compiled by Tony Lyster