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We have won an award!

Well, to be more accurate, our house glossy magazine Quainton News, has won an award. The credit must go to our Quainton News editor, Ben Jackson, for the redesign of the magazine which has been awarded by the HRA (Heritage Railway Association) which is, effectively, our trade organisation. Every year they run a series of competitions with awards for a variety of different things and the HRA Support Awards for an Improved Magazine will be presented on September 12th at their Linton meeting. Many congratulations Ben.

Met 1 is off on her travels.

Met 1 will be leaving the Centre on Wednesday this week. At the risk of being incorrect I am pretty sure she will be involved in the Steam on the Met events with afternoon teas at a pop-up tea room at Watford as previously mentioned on QEL.

Thank you for volunteering

It is very pleasing to be able to pass on the thanks from Bev Potter, our hard working Membership Secretary who works in the Admin Office and has been collating the offers of assistance for this weekend's Day Out With Thomas event. Bev has asked that I pass on her thanks to all concerned for coming forward as I gather that we have virtually a full compliment of volunteers for the weekend for the first time in several years. Of course, that's not to say that if you feel at a loose end and can spare a few hours that we cant find you a space and a job - of course we can! Our rostered volunteers will all need comfort breaks and, in some cases, the extra pair of hands to lighten the load will be much appreciated.

Members parking for this weekend

Due to the rather damp conditions of late parking space will be at a premium so, please, DON'T park on the Up Yard tarmac car park - use the old entrance approach around the back of Rewley Road and, when that is full, the Buffer Depot / Down Yard area to the rear of the shed. I gather that Car Park Supremo Roy B will be controlling the car parking.

Thank you.

Tony Lyster


QUAINTON EMAIL LETTER 1.9.15 (Redacted version due to some items being out of date by publication)

The Future Development of Quainton

We all have ideas on how the Centre at Quainton might be developed and enhanced, how we should move forward and in what direction. Some might be considered flights of fancy whilst others are very practical and grounded ideas. Whatever they are we have an opportunity to present them to our Trustees and Lance Adlam has asked that you forward them to him by next Friday at the latest so that he may gather them together to try to form a cohesive plan for our future. Inevitably, not all ideas will
be possible but if you don't pass them to him then they certainly wont happen. Don't leave it to someone else - better that he has the same idea twice or more than not at all! All ideas, drawings, jottings, ramblings, and the like should be left in his pigeon hole or emailed to him at l.adlam@lance-adlam-architects.org.uk as soon as possible and by September 11th at the very latest. I look forward to hearing the results (yes, I have sent him my somethings!)

Tony Lyster

Below is MET 1 announcement from previous QEL 07/08/15

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The above is reproduced from an e-newletter distributed by Tony Lyster at random intervals with last minute information about the Quaiton Railway Society. If you want to receive these informative e-mails under the title of QEL then contact qel@bucksrailcentre.org and make yourself known.