from Brain Ammann

Train Description Sign Ex Wembley Park

Assistance wanted

I am slowly restoring this sign in the Buffer Depot Museum.

It is planned that this sign will automatically scroll through the various destinations, illuminating the stopping patterns, & destination of trains as it would when in service.

I have drawn up circuits using relays to operate & illuminate these panels, but I need assistance to get them to scroll through automatically.

It is divided into North & South Bound sections, using 2 sets of panels to show destinations of trains over 3 platforms for each panel ( South bound is split over 2 Panels, covering 3 possible platforms, the same applies to North bound).

Basic Designs

4 Panels = 4 sets of controls, paired North, & South, each pair has to be linked to ensure same destination & platform is not shown on both pairs of Panels.

2 NB Panels = possible 16 combination’s per panel (3 Platforms x Destination & Stopping Pattern)

2 SB Panels = possible 18 combination’s per panel (3 Platforms x Destination & Stopping Pattern)

Plan is each panel will scroll down through available combination’s every 1-2 Minutes.

Thoughts on Control

Originally each display (destination etc) was illuminated by a 2ft Fluorescent tube, (the ballast units etc being in base of sign), it is now proposed to use 2ft LED tubes (instant start, fed 240V direct).

To control these a form of stepping circuit, using relays could be arranged. Alternatively a computer & program, operating some suitable relays to control displays could be arranged.

Any ideas, assistance welcome.

I can be found at Quainton (Normally Wednesdays, & Sundays either working on Underground Cars, or Wembley Sign in Buffer Depot), or Via E mail, I will then get back to you.

Many thanks,

Brian Ammann

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