Metro-land Dreams
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London Underground Surface “T” Stock (continued from QEL dated 27/11/15)

Metropolitan “T” Stock trains could indeed work to Rickmansworth but this was as far as the electrification extended until around 1959/60 when work was continued to extend the conductor rails as far as Amersham. It was not a normal working for “T” stock to go to Rickmansworth and would have been confusing to passengers because no easy crossover was available to put a “down” train across to the “up” platform. It is likely one or two strayed to Amersham after electification was completed while waiting delivery of the new “A” stock but it was more likely that a “CO/CP” set would have made this working (See addendum II).

“T” Stock were predominantly used for Watford services via Croxley Green having taken the branch off the main line just short of Rickmansworth. In earlier times prior to the end of 1939 they were used for service to Stanmore after which the extended Bakerloo line tube stock took over the service (later reconfigured to the Jubilee Line).

“T” Stock were also used for the Uxbridge branch service almost exclusively until the “Art Deco” style 1938 “CO/CP” cars were introduced with sliding doors. An occasional “T” Stock working could be found on the Uxbridge branch right up to 1961 as also the odd “Dreadnought” hauled train complete with one of the Metropolitan Vickers locomotives up front.

The writer is not entirely sure why these veterans kept appearing along the Uxbridge branch and can only assume there was a shortage of serviceable CO/CP cars both for the services out of Baker Street and the Hammersmith and City line. The Uxbridge branch was also service by “F” stock of 1928 vintage with their distinctive oval driver's windows and these usually took the fast train services forward from Harrow on the Hill to Finchley Road none stop as did both the “T” and “Dreadnought” formations. The CO/CP stock were quicker to de-train passengers with their sliding doors although the “F” stock were also fitted with sliding doors. It seems none of the “F” stock survived the modernisation but some would say it was not true “MET” equipment as they were transferred from the District Line services in the 1950's

All this came to and end with the introduction of the all Aluminium bodied “A” stock coming into operation from about 1961 onwards ready for the revised services that terminated, as far as the London Underground was concerned, at Amersham. There ended the extended Metroland dream.

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