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The Web Master would like to publish all the member's views contained in Lance Adlam's report but as it runs to over 70 pages this is not practical. Perhaps a synopsis might be available shortly.


"To lose one cabinet minister may be considered misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness"  Sir Humphrey in "Yes, Prime Minister"

This might well be paraphrased again in the case of the Quainton Railway Society where since April this year two Trustees have found it necessary to resign their positions. Volunteer members may well ask why.

We have tried hard to reach Peter Mitchell but have not yet elicited a response.  We do know he was very unhappy at the lack of support he was receiving in regard with progressing the Society in connection with the established Forward Plan. There was also one inherited stumbling block that troubled him greatly and, are lead to believe, was also the reason why two other Trustees left their positions prior to the 2014 AGM.

In viewing the latest copy of News from Quainton it was surreal to read a long article written by Peter as Chairman knowing he is not our Chairman any longer. Most of Peter's contribution runs over the difficulties besetting the Society and these are well known but the word contentious crops up more than once and this should not be so in a coordinated Society focused on agreed objectives.

In Peter's text Lance Adlam has received well deserved credit for his initiative in contacting so many members for their views and has now achieved what must have been a herculean task of collating the responses. What these responses show is that many members do care about the future of the Society and are anxious to be taken notice of while at the same time presently have misconceptions in regard to the requirements of running an Accredited Museum. This is not the fault of the members as there has been a lack of clear communication within the Society. This was the number one issue brought to fore during last year's consultation exercise run by an independent expert from outside of the Society.

One of Peter's wishes was to eliminate this lack of communication and he asked for the set up a Member's web site firstly to publish the Forward Plan which was already a public document and secondly to provide a two way avenue of communication between members and the Executive Committee although not exclusively as some members would want to express their views to others through this medium.

This is your web site and is operate without prejudice or favour. Any member, (or Trustee), can make a contribution providing it is not personally defamatory or insulting to other members. Bad language is also not allowed and where members may have misspelt words or make slightly misleading statements or grammatical errors these will be corrected but not published until the contributor has been contacted and approved such amendments. 

Finally, it has been whispered that some people want this web site closed down and we can only believe these are people who cannot take constructive criticism or guidance and want to control the whole Society from progressing into the future. Our mission is to ensure that the hopes and aspirations of the present members and those that have gone before are not lost in continued contention.


The words of Sir Humphrey uttered in the TV series “Yes, Prime Minister” were in themselves a paraphrase from the Oscar Wilde play “The Importance of being Ernest” where the character of Lady Bracknell states “To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”Mr Worthington was the one found in “a handbag!”