Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

The button you have just pressed should have taken you directly to the main page for the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre (BRC) but we have serious reservations with its content that we cannot do so without comment.

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Assuming you to be a member of the Quainton Railway Society Ltd we would imagine you may also be equally concerned at the presentation of the BRC Web Site. This site was set up just before Christmas 2014 with minimal consultation by the Commercial Manager and the Executive Committee. It seemed the main driver for the change was the lower cost than the previous offering which everyone agreed was in need of updating.

However, although the presentation of the current site has improved it in no way reflects the stated Mission of the Society “To be a leading working heritage railway museum, by providing a high level of activity, general interest and interpretation, appealing to a diverse audience“ The web site gives no indication of this or the related purposes detailed in the Forward Plan which is published elsewhere on these pages.

The current presentation is geared towards attracting people to what amounts to a "Theme Park" and is by and large simply a ticket booking facility.

The question has to be asked if the members, and in particular the shareholding members, are satisfied with this representation of the Buckinhamshire Raiway Centre for which the shareholders are wholly responsible. In comparison with other heritage railway sites, and indeed the site for VAMES, 6989 and 7200, the BRS offering does not look good. Take a look at the Middleton Railway web site for a lesson on how to project a railway museum. They have also achieved MLA accreditation.

A cohesive Web Site need to be properly planned with a high regard to modern marketing expertise which, if QRS wish the Museum to become successful, will need to be paid to others more qualified than our own resources are able to muster. Member should be aware that visitor numbers still remain low in comparison to those detailed in Andrew Bratton's address to the AGM of 2014 and it is highly likely that Internet marketing is the real decider for the success of any enterprise today.

What the Society must decide is, if it wants only to appeal largely to railway enthusiasts or, to a wider public as a reasonably serious social history museum telling the story of railways in Buckinghhamshire.

Member may have their own opinions about this and associated issues and letters or article space will be provided for those that wish to express them.