Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Forward Plan 2015-2018


Name of governing body: Board of Trustees – Quainton Railway Society Limited

Date this Forward Plan was approved: 8th November 2014

Date this Forward Plan will be reviewed: 8th November 2015

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The Quainton Railway Society Ltd


Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member of the society subject to the approval of the trustees. Members must buy a minimum of four £5 shares in order to vote at formal meetings, and Associate membership is available to those who do not wish to purchase shares. To work in the museum volunteers must be members of the Society. The members have often taken the initiative in selecting restoration projects according to their interests and areas of expertise, and run them on their own. Their enthusiasm and commitment are crucial to the museum, but we need to ensure that their efforts are planned for the good of the museum.

We also need to re-affirm the relationship between the museum and the Society, emphasising that the standards of Accreditation require us to work in a more efficient and business-like manner, which can only benefit the museum’s long term prospects.


Our vision is for the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre to become a self-sustaining, immaculately presented and vibrant museum that offers visitors an exciting experience of the ages of steam and diesel travel.

We aim to get all our rolling stock exhibits under cover and fully restored by 2020.

Key Aims for 2015-18

  1. Establish robust governance and management systems and procedures

  2. Increase annual visitors to 36,500 by the end of 2018

  3. Improve our financial efficiency and build up cash reserves and financial credibility to enable us to make our contribution to a successful HLF application for a new exhibition building

  4. Improve the standard of heritage management and interpretation in all areas of the Museum

  5. Re-affirm the relationship between the Quainton Railway Society and the Museum