Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Forward Plan 2015-2018


Name of governing body: Board of Trustees – Quainton Railway Society Limited

Date this Forward Plan was approved: 8th November 2014

Date this Forward Plan will be reviewed: 8th November 2015

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BRC was awarded provisional Accreditation in July 2013. This Forward Plan forms part of an application for full Accreditation which the museum will submit in November 2014. It was drawn up by a working party of Trustees and staff under the guidance of an external facilitator and the Museum’s Mentor, and defines the organisation’s activity for the next four years.

The Forward Plan will be monitored by the Trustees at quarterly intervals and reviewed annually.

Review of the Previous Plan

After reviewing our previous plan, we have successfully achieved the following:

  • Received preliminary accreditation

  • Digitalised the archives

  • Operated trains in both yards

  • Expanded interpretation and focused the collection

  • Successfully restored to operating condition two locomotive boilers

  • In partnership with London Transport Museum, we have successfully restored Metropolitan No.1 to run on the underground network

The following are still in progress:

  • Connect to main line – we are still looking for opportunities to connect to the main line, or extend our demonstration lines.

  • We didn’t manage to increase our covered accommodation – It has become a priority on our new plan

Development of this Plan

To develop this plan we engaged the services of a consultant and we canvassed opinion from volunteers and key personnel to focus our goals.

Monitoring this Plan

Progress toward the actions identified in this plan will be monitored on an on-going basis with an update report being prepared for the trustees at their yearly meeting in November. Milestones will be set for each of the objectives to assist with progress monitoring. A full review of the plan will be undertaken at the end of November and action taken accordingly. Implementation of this plan will be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and approved by the Museum Management Committee.