Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Forward Plan 2015-2018


Name of governing body: Board of Trustees – Quainton Railway Society Limited

Date this Forward Plan was approved: 8th November 2014

Date this Forward Plan will be reviewed: 8th November 2015

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SWOT Analysis



  • Events 

  • Customer care

  • Rebuilding of locos and rolling stock

  • Dedicated volunteers

  • Corporate and private functions

  • Unusual equipment

  • Representation of 140 years of railway history

  • Proximity to a working railway line


  • Unclear corporate purpose

  • Costs exceed income

  • Lack of innovation

  • Poor display / interpretation

  • Lack of project planning

  • Poor medium and long term planning

  • Communications

  • Ageing volunteer workforce

  • Limited workforce training and development

  • Lack of specialist marketing skills

  • Lack of market intelligence

  • Inadequate site maintenance presentation




  • New board leadership

  • Key personnel agree that change is essential to survive

  • The Museum Accreditation Standard

  • Housing developments in and around Aylesbury

  • HS2

  • Extension of East-West rail

  • Linking with other local organisations and museums


  • Resistance to change from within

  • Inability to meet financial targets

  • Inability to recruit younger volunteers

  • Inability to meet Health & Safety requirements

  • HS2

  • Extension of East-west rail