BRC Forward Plan 2015-18: Action Plan


Key Aim 4: Improve the standard of heritage management and interpretation in all areas of the Museum


Agree and confirm the focus of collecting rolling stock and small relics


Review the content of the collection and draw up a rationalisation programme with a view to disposing of items that are:

  • Not relevant to collection policy

  • Duplicate
  • In poor condition


Nov 2015


No cost


C Ashman / B Lawrik/ R Cummings


Improve the standard of presentation throughout the site

Following on from objective 4a:

  • Draw up a plan for clearing the whole site of redundant rolling stock and material

  • Draw up a schedule for day-to-day maintenance of the site
  • Draw up plans for increased covered accommodation to ensure the whole collection is kept under cover



Nov 2015

Nov 2015



No cost 

£1.2m 75% HLF grant?


C Ashman / M Patterson/ R CummingsR CummingsR Cummings/ P Mitchell


Draw up a programme for refurbishing the rolling stock according to short and medium term priorities

  • Draw up a matrix of factors for selecting items for renovating and / or rebuilding rolling stock

  • Draw up a schedule for the next 4 years, supported by a funding plan


Nov 2015


£4,000 advice

£40,000 pa +funding

M Patterson / C Ashman

M Patterson / D Aplin


Improve the interpretation of the collection on open display

  • Commission an Interpretation audit

  • Draw up a schedule for implementing the recommendations of the audit
  • Develop interactive displays using models


Nov 2015

2016 - 2017

 No cost
£7,500 pa