BRC Forward Plan 2015-18: Action Plan


Key Aim 2: Increase visitor numbers to 36,500 by the end of 2018


Draw up a 4 year Audience Development Plan, to include:

  • a programme of consultations with non-users

  • a system for analysing existing user information
  • a Marketing Strategy and Plan


Commission specialist audience development advice

2015 - 2018

MDO grant

P Mitchell


Refresh the annual programme of steam days and other events

  • Review the variety and quality of past events

  • Ensure that all events are targeted at specific audiences and value for money




No cost

£3,000 for selective publicity

C Ashman

C Ashman / R Powell


Review the admission pricing structure

Ensure that admission prices reflect the needs of different audiences


Cost neutral

D Aplin



Play an active role in local museum and tourism networks to seek opportunities for marketing partnerships and for inspiration

Ensure that key staff and volunteers visit other local attractions annually to keep up to date with their offer



P Mitchell