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(The views expressed within this web site do not reflect the policies of the QRS "Trustees" unless specifically endorsed.)


Welcome to Three Cheers!

Members have been working hard this year to bring about an ascending number of visitors and with this greater visitor satisfaction. Although we are not completely in the picture about these incremental successes it was quite clear earlier in the year that a DOWT was a sell out and the latest one, though not quite as popular, was again consolidating greater numbers of visitors. The trick now is to uplift visitor numbers for all our events and even on standard “Steaming Days”.

However, we are pleased to reproduce our Chairman, Ben Jackson's, thanks and appreciation seen otherwise only in the restricted circulation of the QEL publication. (“attributions only between quotation marks”)

06/09/16 - "I would like to thank all the volunteers and staff for all their hard work over the last weekend and in the preparation for it during the last week. Early indications are that we exceeded the September 2015 Thomas event despite seeing a lower and more comfortable level of attendance than in July!”

30/08/16 - "A BIG thank you to all the volunteers and staff for their efforts and hard work over the summer months. The Centre would be unable to function without your time and support and it is truly valued.

We continue to see good visitor numbers this season and on the whole they are up on the last two years. Having been the duty Station Master on several weekends I am delighted with the comments made to me by those visiting - all have been complimentary of those who represent the Society and what has been achieved."

05/07/17 - “A BIG thank you to all Volunteers and Staff who have put in huge amounts of energy, good will and enthusiasm over the last two days to produce some amazing results. The figures have been checked and I am very pleased to tell you that the 2 day weekend grossed 5203 visitors with 2737 on the Sunday alone. To put this into context our previous best event was the 4 day Thomas at Easter 2014 (4760 visitors) with the Easters in the next 2 years following behind. It looks as if this last Sunday was our busiest single day in the last 10 years and, quite possibly, EVER...!”

We would just love to publish even more good news and positive information about the Quainton Railway Society it's activities and aspirations. So why keep it behind closed doors?

The web page is being read by many outside of the Society and some people will be encouraged to join us if they see the Society as an open progressive organisation. This kind of information will enhance the reputation of our membership and let us hope that younger persons more used to “surfing the net” will find us and join in.


What about the Post Master? (Our thanks to Cyril Parsons for the arrangements but not the duff photos)

Mail Rail

Our annual Mail Rail weekend 14/08/2016

Among the attractions on 14 August was the arrival (for one day only) of a travelling exhibition from The Postal Museum outlining the story of the Post Office (London) Railway otherwise known as Mail Rail that is due to reopen as a visitor attraction next spring. This was the travelling exhibition’s first visit to a heritage railway centre!

See also Cyril Parson's attached article published in Gibbons Stamp Monthly