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Doesn't time fly?

It is now nearly two months since the Society's Annual General Meeting and just plopping through member's letter boxes is the Spring Edition of our glossy Quainton News. The now to be expected high standard of presentation is evident and it is great to get all the good news a couple of time a year.

The only snag is that a surfeit of all good news can lead to complacency on the part of the magazine recipients despite the many exhortations throughout the magazine for volunteers to come forward and join in the enterprise. The danger is that once the magazine is read cover to cover it is likely to be set aside and the urgency of volunteering fades. Before long another year has passed.

News from Quainton does not fare any better and the QEL last minute cries for help may just increase guilty feeling in those that have not responded previously to Quainton News or News from Quainton. Communication with and between members needs to be much more dynamic and pretty well on a week to week basis if not daily. This web site is the ideal vehicle for members to dip into where smaller portions of information might be digested frequently but regularly. Little or larger tasks can be illustrated as they progress and potential members not overwhelmed with the enormity of the QRS project.

Individual accolades and thanks can appear from colleagues and a general community spirit generated that makes everyone feel better about what they do and encourage them to come back for more. Some folks might want to have a moan or get something off their chest or offer suggestions that might be taken up by others of a similar view but did not know each others ideas. This sort of dialogue would remove the frustration of bottling up dissatisfaction which can be very demotivating sometimes over trivial matters. Wouldn't be nice to put the smiles back on members faces especially at the next AGM.

The writer has once again called upon the Officers of the Executive Committee to be big enough and bold enough to use this medium for their own communication with the members and to use the feed back including criticism as a barometer of their own success in managing the affairs of the Quainton Railway Society.

There are big gains to be made in this type of communication as it is already evident these pages are being read by a wider audience so the members of our Executive Committee must truly act like “Trustees” and move away from the protection of Oligarchy that the present rules of the Society bestows upon them.



The political term, oligarchy, comes to English from the Greek with its meaning intact - a form of government run by a small number of people. Sometimes the word refers to the few powerful people in charge of a company or organisation.