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That was the AGM that was!

Well that was the AGM that was! A little over a week has passed and the dust of the QRS 2016 Annual General Meeting must now be settling and proceedings becoming a faint memory.

We would have liked to report more positively about this gathering but most of the reservations detailed in the previous issue of ths page now archived nearby remain unresolved. The Acting Chair Rev. David Aplin called upon the members present to forgive him for the delayed paperwork normally associated with the notice of an AGM and he must be congratulated for taking responsibility when he could so easily have pointed the finger in the direction of suddenly resigned Brian Ammann the former Honorary Secretary.

However, this page can hardly pass without making some cautionary observations despite the members voting in favour of compromising the rules of the Society. We are not quite sure how this stacks up in terms of validity for the ensuing business of the AGM or that of the resolution to ignore the rules itself.

In the event we are where we are and the members demonstrated they were in no mood to defer their AGM or have to return again to complete the business in hand. Let us hope that this pragmatism is rewarded and that the Society can move forward under the regime of a benevolent autocracy that the Executive Committee represents. So far as the new members are concerned we wish them well and hope that the intransigence of the older incumbents does not infect them.

Those of us who are privy to the contents of Brian Ammann's letter of resignation detected loud echoes of similar characteristic to those expressed by three other Trustees who felt it necessary to resign during the preceding twelve months but in Brian's case he could hardly be charged as being a rebel without a cause.

Moreover, Brian advised the recipients of his resignation that the Statutory Return normally rendered to the Financial Conducts Authority had passed its deadline and the Society is thus in default. This will incur at least a statutory fine. This was not mentioned at the AGM so one wonders how much all the issues of multiple mailings, printing including glossy brochure reports and the fine will amount to in terms of cash earned by volunteers working hard each Sunday. One Sunday's gate receipts or maybe more and how many volunteer labour hours does it involved to be open to the public for these days.

One also wonders who will be anointed Chairman for the next year or so and if there is any justice we suggest Bill Simpson as he has a long and distinguished loyalty to the Society, has been involved in many and varied positive projects and is probably one of the only members who can smooth the ruffles feathers of fellow hard working members. We would guess that if the polling slips had been prepared with the officer listings Bill would have topped the list for this position.

One might expect Peter Lovegrove to be appointed Honorary Secretary as he is well qualified for this position and well respected by members of the Society. He may be a bit surprised if he is nominate by his fellow Trustees as it was not expected that Brian Ammann would be missing from the Executive and had another year to run on the basis of his direct election last year. Anyway we shall see.

We shall expect to see Rev. Aplin as Honorary Treasurer for the next year as like Brian his term based on last year's election has another year to conclude. It will be interesting to see how the other members fall into place. If we have got our sums right there is still room for an additional co-opted member but this is unlikely to be awarded to one of the prodigal sons.