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15/04/15 Late Breaking News before the AGM 2015

We have received information that Brian Ammann has resigned from the role of Honorary Secretary. He cites the interference from Rev. Aplin as the main cause for his departure and lack of support from his fellow Trustees.

A funny thing happened to most members today on the way to their letterboxes. A surprise third envelope containing a big glossy magazine telling us all how well things are at Quainton.

Who is Kidding who one might ask? One wonders how many shares the Rev. Aplin has with his former employers the Royal Mail (Parcel Force)



This is a question that we are frequently being asked but at present we do not know the answers. This is largely because, like yourselves, we are not informed even though anyone, and especially the Executive Committee, can submit items of information for publication on this site. Previous pages have made this point time and time again but the Committee remain intransigent in boycotting these pages.

Meanwhile, internecine pressure continues in the form of bullying e-mails at a personal level and we have even been excommunicated from receiving the QEL messages normally sent out by Tony Lyster.

Now we have the Annual General Meeting of the Society almost upon us and the received questions are more specific. Unfortunately, we are unable to make known those that ask as they fear reprisals being taken against them by those that seek to govern the society and their less obvious supporters.

This is a summary of these questions being asked about the forthcoming AGM: -

Why was the Notice of the AGM so late in being received? It would appear the sender pushed the deadline to the brink taking the letter of the rules as justification rather than the sentiment. See Rule 24 the operative word being SEND.

Why is the Notice of AGM unsigned? - We are lead to believe the whole of the paperwork and Notice of AGM was taken out of the hands of the Honorary Secretary and progressed by the Acting Chair Rev. David Aplin. If there was good reason for the Notice to have been taken over, (say for unavailability of the Honorary Secretary), then the responsible Officer deputising should have pp the signature and made their own name clear.

Why was there no required documents included with Notice of the AGM? This is a bit of a puzzle as the minutes of the last AGM and EGM were prepared using professional secretarial services and were available to the Executive Committee before the end of May 2015. As for the Official Accounts it seems our Honorary Treasurer interprets the rules somewhat differently from preceding Treasurers so he has provided only a scant summary to the shareholders. The rules do not provide for this variation of policy.

Why do references in both the Notice of the AGM and the Acting Chairman's enclosed letter make reference to information being available on the members Website when this information does not appear. - The reason this information is not published on this website is because it has never been submitted for inclusion to the pages. Members may be surprised that an EGM amendment to the rules is not proposed for the 16th April in order to change or add to the existing Rules 13, 14 & 15 regarding conduct of members. This will be necessary in order to facilitate the ever changing responsibilities of the Execute detailed in Paragraph 2 of Section 8 of the Notice. We can report some members have construed this section as being a veiled threat to their independence.

Why has it been necessary to incur extra postage costs by dispatching the Notice of the AGM in one post and the Minutes of the previous 2015 AGM and following EGM plus the abbreviated Accounts Summary Report in a second posting a few days later. - we are afraid we have no answer for this but it restricts members time to respond to items before the 7th April deadline when receipt is likely to be two days after the franked posting date of 5th April.

We have to leave individual members to make their own judgements regarding the information we have been able to impart above.

Members may wish to read this contribution from your recently retired Chairman Peter Mitchell.

At the 2015 QRS AGM, most of the Members present welcomed the Rev David Aplin as much needed new blood for the Executive coming in as Treasurer – and this was reflected in the voting.

However the last 12 months have been a turbulent time with the resignation of three Exec Members due to being undermined by the new Treasurer. This should be a cause for concern!

David has put lots of sound bites and aspirations in all the paperwork that has been sent out, but will these be achieved? – clearly time will tell. However in the last year we do seem to have lost active volunteers, and in particular younger members do seem to be discouraged.

So what does this mean for our Society? Time will tell, and we must hope it will be good – however the indications so far are not promising: three members of the Exec resigning in less than a year for being undermined by David, younger members discouraged, and notice of the AGM not sent out correctly!

Peter Mitchell

15/04/16 Stop Press – And now there four members harassed into resigning from the Executive Committee with the resignation of Brian Ammann. The second question's answer holds the clue.