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Welcome to your new members web site.

A bit Spartan at present but we hope to improve the content with your help as time goes by, The site is intended to keep members informed of many aspects of the Quainton Railway Society's activities that are not covered by the public site.

Where possible we will provide links to special interest groups who have their own web pages or even provide pages for those that do not have this facility.

We also look forward to contributions from members providing they are constructive and seek to further the cause of the Society.

We recognise that the Society is in a period of change and has probably been so since the acquisition of the former Rewley Road LNWR Station from Oxford. Members may not have appreciated the significance of this acquisition at the time but it opened up many more responsibilities as well as opportunities that may not have been perceived at that exciting time.

The writer has heard and noted comments from some longer standing members that the Centre is becoming more like a circus than a serious preservation undertaking. In some ways this could be interpreted as true but it is a fine line the Society has to tread in order to fulfil its obligations in respect of previous funding, opening and educating the public and raising the revenue to accomplish the aspirations of everyone concerned.

One of the aspirations of the Society has been the achievement of being an Accredited Museum this having been agreed and fostered by the Shareholding members over several years. This is a serious prospect and we are on the brink of achieving such status given that the application recently approved by your Executive Committee and lodged with the Arts Council is accepted. The application is a formidable document containing undertakings to manage and foster this heritage collection that the society has accumulated over the past forty years or more.

Members of today must remember the contributions made by those that went before us some of whom are no longer here and also bear in mind those that hopefully will follow inspired by the work we do today. Members may take heart from what has been achieved as it is in no way short of credibility having been done by and large by amateur volunteers giving up free time and in the face of many difficulties not least of which has always been sufficient funds.

So, the first edition of this web site is to make available to you the whole of the Forward Plan that forms the major part of our application to the Arts Council for Accredited Museum status that will put us alongside the likes of National Trust Centres and many other museums throughout the UK.

This explanatory text will be replace as time goes on but the Forward Plan will remain for all members reference although in itself it will be subject to revue and revision from time to time. Changes will be flagged up on the front page of this site so no one is left unaware of when changes are made.

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