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(The views expressed within this web site do not reflect the policies of the QRS "Trustees" unless specifically endorsed.)



Regular readers of this editorial page will recall that this time last year we made a plea for the Executive Committee to conduct the 2017 Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Rules of the Society. The rules pertaining to an AGM had been ratified by a previous Executive early in 2015.

To revise on this issue you may click on the previous editorial pages dated as in the left column as 05/01/17 and 25/02/17.

It seems likely that the Executive will not change their practice of invoking “past precedent” to manage the next Annual General Meeting on the basis that it is a matter of opinion and interpretation how these rules should be applied.

Unfortunately, this is wrong and represents malpractice in terms of Charity Commission advice as to how to work within the Rules of the Society which is regarded as the Governing Document when applied to a charity.

Members are probably not aware that last year a valid nomination was disallowed by the Executive on the grounds of not using the “official” nomination form. Actually, the rules do not specify that a form must be used and in any event the form available only enables nominees to be elected to the committee. This means it is unfit for the purpose of nominating officers to the Executive which the Society Rules specifically call for.

These details are fully documented in the pages mentioned in the previous paragraph but the question remains how can members influence an intransigent Executive Committee and do they really want to do so?

Members should understand the present “status quo” is not legal and may compromise the position of the Society in the future.

This publication understands that many members do not want to get involved in matters of Rules and Regulations but others may wish to be consulted as to their opinions without actually becoming members of the Executive Committee.

In order to facilitate some discussion the sponsors of this website have made an arrangement for members to attend a meeting to rationalise opinion on this matter. That is to say the conduct of the next AGM and the management of nominations. It is not intended to range over any other issues or to undermine the Executive Committee who’s members are also free to attend.

It is with the case study detailed in blue paragraph below that our concerned group have arranged this meeting which needs to be held before the deadline for nominations on January 31st.

Meeting for the members of
The Quainton Railway Society Ltd
The Thame Town Hall
High Street (Town Centre) OX9 3DP
2:00 pm until 4:00 pm
Satuday 27th January 2018
Doors open from 1:30 pm

We hope to have someone independent to preside over the meeting and perhaps an expert on constitutional practice for charities.

Why you may ask the Thame Town Hall? Well it is warm and dry with excellent facilities and many pubs and restaurants nearby to have lunch or refreshments. Thame is also well supplied with free car parking on Saturday afternoons although you may have to pay for time prior to 1:00 pm. There is a half hour premier bus service from Aylesbury and Oxford, (Arriva No.280), A similar service from High Wycombe via Chinnor (No.40) and a Chiltern train service to Thame Parkway where the 280 bus calls in the station forecourt. These bus services stop just adjacent to the town hall.

Car parks

Note: A one hour free parking ticket from 1:00 pm enables parking until 2:00 pm with free parking thereafter.

Car park A
Upper High Street
(No tickets)

Car park B
Cattle Market North street

Car park C
Southern Road/
Dorchester Place

Accompanying partners who do not wish to attend the meeting will enjoy browsing the many independent retail outlet in Thame both in the High Street, Cornmarket and other nooks and crannies leading off. Visitors to Thame have a lovely time exploring the town that makes up much of the backdrop to Midsomer Murders.


As a short illustration of the benefits gained from such a consultative meeting the writer can recount being involved with another club’s dilemma where faced with a significant loss of revenue from a lapsed tenancy of an adjacent property owned by the club. Their Executive was stunned into inactivity as revealed at an AGM. The club was facing a black hole of insolvency and no plan to combat the situation.

The writer and a couple of concerned members convened an unofficial meeting of other members to discuss the situation and make suggestions that were not welcome at the AGM. In the event a significant number of members turned up to the initial meeting and several suggestions were forthcoming with the end result three months later a plan was put forward to the Executive to re-finance the club which enabled refurbishing of the whole premises most importantly the catering areas and rewiring of the building. On the back of this the group also found a new tenant for the adjacent premises something a letting agent was unable to secure.

The reason for this success was due to the life experiences and qualifications found within the group none of whom wanted to replace the Executive Committee. The existing committee gained new energy from the support given by the members and the club remains viable to this day.

To read a personal note emailed to many known members by our sponsor click <Here>