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He Dreamed a Dream

There was a time a while ago and maybe still today when one could wait a long time for a bus to come along and then two or three would appear together in a sort of echelon.

This syndrome seems much the same with the Quainton Railway Society where once upon a time regular issues would be published of Quainton News interspersed at about halfway between with News from Quainton. Back in June they come together although the News from Quainton was a special edition. Since then ????

This column, also overdue for update, should have come along at about that same time but the leader writer has been busy rescuing three “not for profit” organisation’s websites from unstable servers and depositing them on our own.

This was, of course, very tiring causing the writer to fall into a deep sleep when the work was completed where he experienced a weird dream, or as our ancestors would have said a “vision”.

There he was in the early hours of a morning driving along an old dual carriageway road a bit like the A1 dotted with infrequent roundabouts the sort that just as you arrive something is coming from the right. In this case it is a police car which is stopped across the approach.

The reason is soon clear. A convoy of low loaders is approaching from the road on the right the first of which carries a steam locomotive. As this passes in front a name can be clearly seen on the side tank evidently and neatly emblazoned in “Banksie” style with the word “Complacency”.

The next loader is carrying and evidently wonderfully restored six wheeled carriage sort of “Pullman” style with a neat gold but rather oversized name “Incomprehension” inscribed along the lower side. That is an odd name muses our writer but before he can think further yet another wonderfully restored carriage is passing by with a similar style but different name. This time it reads “Ineptitude”. Then another passes named “Indecisive” and another entitled “Inadequate” and finally a slightly odd looking coach named “Third Class Broke”

Third Class Broke also carries an effigy of a black coffin horizontally inclined with a red flag emerging upwards from within the enclosure. The red flag has the letters G and O visible then quite suddenly before the very eyes of our sleeping writer the flag is seemingly reversed to green and the word AWAY is revealed.

Our writer is stunned into inactivity, is this a sign?

One of the policemen from the car ahead taps on his window. “Sorry for the delay Sir but there is a bit more to come”. “I can’t believe my eyes replies our man” as a mass of cars, motorbikes, cyclists, motorbility chairs etc. start passing by all then carrying flags or banners reading “Save our Society”.

“Oh!” says our policeman “They are the protesting members of our local railway society that went bust a few months ago and that was their beloved stock being taken to another site miles away. We had to have quite a police presence at the auction but they had left it too late to change their offering to the public so the visitor numbers died away.”

“One wonders why they did nothing about it” replies our sleeper.

“No one told them” replies the policeman “ You can carry on now the road is clear unless you are going the same way as the convoy” he says.

Our sleepy head resumes less troubled slumbers as his vision fades away but the memory lingers when he awakes.

Editorial note: This publication would like to make it clear that the “vision” recounted above has no basis in fact or in anyway is related to the circumstances of the Quainton Railway Society Ltd at the time of writing but must be regarded as an allegorical personal experience for the writer whereby a clue may be associated with the animated flag bearing the inscriptions either side that conbine to read:

However, we take the view that a lack of meaningful, frequent and honest communication is fundamental to the well being of any organisation or society. In this regard the Quainton Railway Society Ltd does not score well. The governing committee presently rely simply on infrequent paper publications sent by mail to their members, spasmodic emails directed to a minority contingent and whispers.

Whispers are a divisive and corrosive communication system normally employed by devious secret societies and should be avoided at all times otherwise rumours and negative speculation may run rife to the detriment of everyone concerned.