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It is very nice to be appreciated.

Volunteers often grind away at their activities full of enthusiasm and sometimes just because their tasks seem like a hobby or maybe because it is a good cause or simply because they feel, perhaps in retirement, they are not on the scrapheap.

But all too often organisations can easily start to take volunteers for granted. Sometimes a volunteer feels neglected and a little irritation ignored causes them to down tools and withdraw.

How often have you heard the expression “Oh! He or She will be back”? But this is not always so.

Appreciation comes in many ways and none more significant than that being the subjected to the form of art. Think of Constable's “The Hay Wain”, Turner's “Fighting Temeraire” and many others all the patient efforts of individual artists.

And now this accolade has been bestowed upon the volunteers of the Quainton Railway Society by Andy Lee, who may not claim to be a Constable or Turner, but none the less has recognised the work of volunteers and made the effort to record these activities in his own way - that of an artist.

We are pleased to illustrate examples of this work that may expand into a portfolio of Quainton activities across the board of volunteering effort. Thank you Andy.

This image is necessarily copy protected to prevent web surfers from stealing a copy and fraudulently offering low quality reprints on the open market.
Genuine copies will obviously not show the copyrite notice and will be produced on high quality paper suitable for framing with an approximate size of 20" x 14" plus a white border for cutting to size of a suitable frame.

'Bob and Richard in 'Ivatt Shed'

This picture depicts a typical day in the Quainton "Ivatt Shed" where Bob Randall? and Richard Cummings are caught pretending to be busy.

Bob is very keen to obtain a quality print of this painting that was exhibited at Rewley Road on Wednesday 26th October but only his name appeared on the "Interest in Obtaining" list at the end of the day.

We need about 15 to 20 interest people to sign up to potentially purchase a limited print edition of this evocative scene which will make Bob's Christmas.

Purchasing one of these copies might well make someone else's Christmas too!

Click her to expose a "pop up" form to register your interest in purchasing with an estimated price of about £75.00 per copy.

More from Andy Lee

Once again Andy has excelled in capturing the essence of working as a volunteer at Quainton

These two pictures are on a smaller scale than the "Ivatt Shed" example at around 10" x *8" and currently not under consideration for reproduction. This could change if sufficient interest is forthcoming and the register button above can be used as there is free text space on the form.

To the left is a depiction of Phil Green working on Hilsea while on the right is Adrian, Ken plus an unidentified person taking out Millom’s tubes.
Who is the Third Man?

For another view of Quainton "downside" see QEL 30/09/16 at the bottom of the page